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Are you looking for reasons to go to Uvita?

Uvita is the sweetness of life, pura vida, surfing, whales, diving, fresh fruit juices at any time, or even the famous colorful mercados… It is nature in all it can offers. It is the green of the luxuriant forest, it is the sound of the ocean, and above all, the center of an America still untouched by any outrageous exploitation. It is Latin American culture in all its simplicity and innocence, its works of art, its precious people and its portraits..

We see you, lost in front of the immensity of discoveries that you could make there. But in this little guide, we give you at least 4 reasons to come and rest there.

Are you ready to pack the bags for two weeks? Come on, let yourself be carried away!

Uvita, the small border

Uvita is in the southwest of Costa Rica, on the Pacific coast, it’s green, it’s nature, and it’s also ideally located: 1 hour from Manuel Antonio National Park, 2 hours from Panama or 3 hours from the summit of Cerro Chirripó for the more athletic among us (Be careful, this summit is still a bit difficult access). In short, Uvita is perfect to put down the suitcases after your last tiring days or after an exhausting roadtrip.

You can finally jump in the pool under the sun!

Uvita is also called the last frontier. You wonder why, don’t you?

Uvita is in fact ideally located on the border of  dense tourist landscape, and a very rural south.

You will enjoy Marino Ballena Park, a national park shaped like a whale’s tail, littered between ocean and forest. And our hotel is simply a 10 minute walk from the entrance!

Live to the local rhythm

Slow down… We all need it.

Are you too exhausted by this infernal pace imposed on us by our Western lives? We understand you very well and that is why we also decided to slow down, walk rather than run and enjoy the pura vida. An art of living that is matched only by the Hawaiian Aloha or the Tahitian Ia Ora..

Who says Hawaii says surf, so advice to all surfers to start: In Costa Rica no or little localism, the waves are for everyone! There are all year round, and the Costa Rican is generous and gentle in nature. The reality of surfing here is about 320 surfing days a year!

When we tell you that the country and its inhabitants are generous, it means that life is still very good in Costa Rica. It’s Pura Vida, temperatures hovering around 30 degrees most of the year, an unparalleled sense of welcome and humor, and smiles everywhere.

A little stroll in the surrounding paths to photograph the birds? A swim in the Uvita waterfall or those of Nauyaca, among many others, a reading break or a sunset on the beach.. The choice is yours!

You can also play it adventurer, catch your own fish and bring it back to the Tilapias El Pavon restaurant, after going for a swim at the waterfall just in front. It’s delicious, it’s not expensive, and everything is super fresh!

Do you want a more intimate and romantic atmosphere? We recommend a breathtaking sunset at the Mirador Don Roger, a few minutes from the hotel. There, you can savor beautiful lobsters. It’s perfect for your wedding proposals, your honeymoon or to celebrate your romantic anniversary.

Those hungry for Japanese cuisine will also be delighted at Mystic Sushi, a stone’s throw from the hotel, which offers tasty and very colorful sushi and maki and beautiful slices of fresh fish.

Finally, for lovers of local cuisine, we warmly recommend La Parcela with its beautiful terrace and its view from the peninsula.

La Fogata will also offer you nice crispy pizza (and sometimes a little spicy) in a warm atmosphere. Go there with your eyes closed!

Citrus and Exotica are the options for Fine dining and cozy atmosphere.

See the whales

Marino Ballena

Costa Rica allows you to observe three kinds of whales. But Uvita is undoubtedly the place where you will be able to observe the most. Shaped like a whale’s tail, the place is ideal to give you the chance to see them from up close.

Whales, we all have been fascinated at least once in our life by this majestic animal, this great king of the oceans. From the coast, you can take out your binoculars to observe them from a distance or take a boat and see them from a small distance.

There are three species of whales visible from the Costa Rican coast, depending on the season, which are real whales, and false whales such as pilot whales or orcas.

In Costa Rica, there is only one species of real whales: the humpback whales which are very numerous and come to reproduce in the surroundings.

Do you want to see them?

Costa Rica is extremely generous and has three spots to observe them:

  • Corcovado National Park and Drake Bay (South Pacific)
  • the Gulf of Papagayo (North Pacific).
  • But above all the Marino Ballena National Park!

Hold on tight, humpback whales are present at all these viewing spots, but Marino Ballena Park is their favorite stopping point. They love to jump there to observe you or show their contentment, and are very curious! False killer whales are more common in Corcovado National Park. Finally, the pilot whales have mainly taken up residence in Drake Bay.

Be careful, however, keep this in mind: animals are wild beings whose environment should be respected. To observe whales in a respectful way, it is recommended to go on an expedition with a very specific agency. Personally, we can only recommend Aventura Uno, which can just as easily take you fishing, diving and observing amazingly preserved marine flora and fauna.

If you also want to enjoy the terrestrial flora and fauna, this agency offers horseback riding, or even visits to the surrounding national parks. It is always better to have a guide from an agency for more confidence.

Think you’ve had enough? That’s not all !

See turtles… rays and fish

Isla Caño

Two weeks, is it finally too short to do everything? We suspected it. There are still many destinations to satisfy lovers of nature and animals of all kinds. Big turtles who love to have their backs scratched, not very shy rays, fish of all kinds … You will be able to observe them with a little luck while sailing towards Isla Caño.

See animals in the 3rd most beautiful reserve in the world – Corcovado

We also recommend the Corcovado National Park. Very close to Golfo Dulce forest reserve. You will thus dive into the heart of the third most beautiful nature reserve in the world.

Located in the Osa Peninsula, between Piedra Blancas National Park and the mangrove swamp of Terraba Sierpe National Wetlands, Corcovado will take you on a journey. We remind you, you are in the richest region in the world in terms of biodiversity, and you will be able to admire this nature where the ecosystems are well preserved.

In Corcovado, you will with no doubt see scarlet macaws, tapirs or even jaguars with a little luck… but also howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys, a variety of monkeys.

Hiking trails run along the coast or inland through a variety of natural environments, ranging from the beaches and mangroves of the Pacific to the tropical forests of the plains and mountains.